Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Favorites (and not so favorites)

Oh, wow! Where has the week gone? I realized late this afternoon that it was Friday and I hadn't put any thought into my Friday post. Seems like the week went in a flash. Didn't I just write a Friday Favorites post a few days ago?

I've had a week of ups and downs. One boring road run at 4:30 am. A nice trail 8 miler Wednesday when the temps dropped the tiniest of degrees making a great opportunity for starting such mileage at 9am, it also rained and ended up a wonderful run. Yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet about cleaning and spent my 3.5 hours of free time while the spawn was at "preschool" cleaning, my plan to strength train right out the window!

Today's plan was for a 3 mile road run at 4:30 am, but it didn't happen. I woke at 3:30 to use the potty only to feel the few little twinges that have been hanging around my legs this week were still there so I opted to shut off the alarm before it went off and climbed back into bed. After that I changed my plan to strength train this morning. So... What do you think I did? Pretty much nothing. I opted for two homemade cupcakes, a Starbucks Frappuccino, and to browse the internet for cloth potty training pant options. I just didn't have it in me today to get much done. I think I spent all my motivation yesterday and have been in a funk all day today because of it. I'll get my hip strengthening, and maybe my ab routine, in while I watch TV tonight but the upper body is going to have to fall to the wayside.

So enough about my boring week. Here are my favorites (and not so favorites) for the week:

1) Girl Shorties by Skirtsports- I purchased a pair of these to wear with my Nuu-Muu dress since I don't like compression shorts and wanted a bottom with a pocket for my key. The Girl Shorties fit the bill with two slender pockets on each hip and a generous cut around the bottom and bikini area. I was impressed with how soft, silky, and lightweight the fabric is. They are extremely comfortable! I wore them on a 9 mile trail run and they rocked! I hate to say it but if Nuu-Muu adds pockets to their dress I may no longer call my skirts from my favorite running attire. I know it sounds like crazy talk but I can't deny the ultra comfort of the dress and girl shorties combo.

2) Cupcakes- I made cupcakes yesterday after I was done with my whirlwind house cleaning tour. I would like to say they are from scratch but that wouldn't be the whole truth. I used store bought organic cake mix and made my own frosting from a cream cheese frosting recipe that I saw on the Today Show earlier in the week. I altered the recipe a little by adding bakers cocoa to make the frosting chocolate instead of vanilla. You'd think seeing what went into the icing would stop me from wanting to indulge but I just have a hard time saying no to any cupcake. Have you ever made frosting? It's a real dose of reality on how unhealthy it is for you. Half a stick of butter, almost a whole package of cream cheese, and a mountain of powdered sugar! But oh is it worth it for a sweet treat.

Not so Favorites:
1)Being in a funk- all week I've had lots of ups and downs. I've been happy, motivated, driven, sloth like, bitchy, and impatient. I don't care to be bitchy or impatient, it's very rare that I'm bitchy. I'm usually pretty good at not letting things really get to me and not taking things out on others. Heck, my hubby said that during labor I only snapped at him once and that was well deserved because I had been told I was allowed to push and he didn't hear that. When he told me to, "breath!" with the next contractions I corrected him ASAP! I get annoyingly cheery during the tough parts of long runs, just ask Laura at My Reason to Run. So, I'm ready for this moodiness to find it's way out of me. Hopefully 14 miles this Sunday will chase it away.

Now, notice I didn't say the sloth like behaviour bothered me. It doesn't because I feel you've got to listen to your body and mind. If I've busted my butt all week running and being productive then it's okay to give in to a day where I'm just not feeling any of it. Some days you just go with the flow and see where it takes you. Sadly it took me to two cupcakes and a frappuccino before 11am. But I'm sure my body and mind will thank me for it Sunday when I head out for my long run feeling fresh both physically and mentally.

2) The Heat- again I'm hating on summer. Do I need to say more?

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  1. I adore cupcakes and will do just about anything for them. ;)
    We run, therefore we hate the heat.