Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6.8 Miles- A Photo Story

I love getting fun ideas from other bloggers, especially when I'm feeling a lack of motivation for blogging. Tonia at Racing With Babes had this awesome post where she took her camera on her run and took a before picture of herself, then a picture of what was in front of her at the end of each mile, then an ending photo of herself. What a fun idea! I bring a camera for lots of my trail runs anyway so this is right up my ally. It was also nice to break up the run in segments that gave me a treat to look forward to for finishing each mile.

Upon taking my first picture I realized that my battery was low. The poor camera battery tried to die around mile 4 but I managed to trick it into 5 more pictures before it cried uncle.

Before the run

Mile 1

Mile 2

Mile 3

Mile 4

Mile 5
Mile 6

Mile 6.8- I took 2 photos so you could see why it was a 6.8 run instead of 7 even. Nothing says misery like finishing on this hill. May as well walk it in at this point since it's less than a quarter mile from the parking lot.

All done- near the top of the hill. Took the picture then realized I had my mouth gaping open, so attractive. I tried for another but I couldn't sweet talk the battery into coming back to life.


  1. looks like a gorgeous place to run!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Such a beautiful place to run!

  3. oh how i miss the it!!!! nice "mini" piggie tails!!!!

  4. What an amazing run! You look great b4 and After! High fives- fellow tatted runner!