Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Favorites (and not so favorites)

This week's favorites and not so favorites will be short and sweet.

Favorites for this week:

1) Cooler weather making for more enjoyable runs, specifically Wednesday's run! I'm hoping my long run on Sunday will feel great due to this slight temperature drop.

2) The hubby and spawn are leaving tomorrow for their first solo trip to Michigan for a week! I'm so excited to be free of working around other people's schedules for one whole week. The dogs will be the only ones I have to answer to.

3) I finally made it past the 1 mile mark barefoot twice this week. Today's barefoot was 1.25 miles!

Not so favorites:

1) Soreness and bruises left over from falling during Wednesday's awesome run. The bruise on my calf speaks to me with every stride I take, walking and running. My arms are really stiff too, ugh. The pictures really don't do the bruises justice, they are much darker in real life.


  1. Bruises...badges of pride! :D

  2. You are so right! It really bugs me that I can't get a better photo so I can look back on the fond memories of how bad ass I am! LOL

  3. Oh go ahead and tell them how you really got the bruises - I beat you!!! Had to give you a little sumthin' to remember me next week.

  4. Wow, look at those look like me:) I have them all over my legs and I have no war stories to back them up!

    Nice job on the barefoot running too!

  5. have a good time without the boys! Haha, sometimes it's nice to have time to yourself, without any obligations or responsibilities!

  6. I'm really enjoying you blog; love the favorites and not so favorites. :)

  7. I swear I have decent grammar... I meant to say your blog. :)

  8. Thanks runningwithbaby! I hope you continue to enjoy it and find it inspirational! I understand the grammar typo, my brain automatically filled the r in where it should be anyway.