Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Favorites (and not so favorites)

Welcome, blog friends, to this week's edition of my favorites and not so favorites!

Favorites for this week:

1) Last Saturday I ran the last race in the Carolina Trail Run Series, Rock-n-Race 8k. I really didn't feel like racing in the heat and humidity so it was a godsend that it was part of a series so it made me get out there. Lots of negative talk in my head the first mile but finally settled in to a good rhythm after mile one. I put in a comfortably hard effort, I just wanted to enjoy myself and not die of heat stroke. I was only passed by one person in the last mile and we had been chatting for the previous half mile before I decided to let her go. After I let her go I set my sights on two guys to chick. I knew I could get the first one but the second was going to take some effort. It took a while but I got him with less than a tenth of a mile to spare. I finished in 50:07 putting me 3rd in my age group. That did give me enough points to win my age group for the Carolina Trail Run Series! It was a nice enjoyable time for me and I'm so thankful I made myself line up at the start that day!

2) Laser Hair Removal- Yesterday I had treatment 6 of 9 treatments for my underarm and bikini area. I can tell you this has been one of the best financial investment in myself that I have ever made! I have been blessed with sensitive skin and lots of body hair. This is a combo of extremely annoying consequence. Shaving any area of my body is treacherous. I can only shave my legs every 3 to 4 days and dog help me if I shave the day before a run or put lotion on my legs the same day I shave! OUCH! Keeping things tidy so I can wear a bathing suit or running shorts has always been a nightmare! I'd shave only to have angry reds bumps the next day, my bikini line ruined for several weeks to a month. (and yes, at the ripe age of 38 I've tried every trick out there!) Waxing created an ingrown hair problem, whether I did it myself or got a professional job. So when my husband gave me the okay for laser treatment last year I was ecstatic! It's been amazing. I'm no longer embarrassed to wear a bathing suit without a skirt as well as no more boy short suits. I can wear my running skirts without any worries of accidental bikini line exposure or extra chaffing. My underarms are so smooth now, it's heavenly.

Before you get too excited and head out to get it done let me tell you a few things about laser hair removal.

First, it hurts like a son of a bitch, those of you that have given birth might say you'd rather go into labor again, I say it every time. Surprisingly it's the underarms that hurt the most. The more concentrated the hair is in an area the more painful. It kind of feels like being briefly lit on fire while being stung by a bee, but no pain no gain! The bikini and inner thighs are about half the pain and I'm able to talk during those areas, underarm I'm tight lipped- focusing on my labor breathing!

Second, it works best on darker hair. So any areas that are blonde, red, or gray haired won't respond well. They also prefer that the skin of the areas treated not be tanned. So in a nutshell if you have brown or darker hair and fair skin this will work like a dream on you. Darker skin it works but it takes more effort.

Third, if you've ever had skin cancer, specifically melanoma, they will not do laser treatments on you.

Fourth, it's not cheap. This is my birthday, xmas, valentine's, mother's day, etc. gifts for the next few years.

So three cheers for a carefree bikini line and underarms! I hope in a year I'll be allowed to do my lower legs. Sadly the hair on my knees and above are too blonde to qualify but it's the lower legs that bug me the most so I'll take what I can get.

My not so favorites for the week:
My best running partner is struggling with a body that has suddenly retaliated against her and her running habit. All sorts of aches and pains have piled up making for one unhappy girl. This makes me sad because I really do look forward to my runs with her and will miss her while she's trying to get it all straightened out. Please send some knees, ankle, and hips healing vibes her way so she can get back to accompanying me on some fun and crazy trail runs!


  1. I'm so jealous, I really want to get laser hair removal on my bikini area, I mostly have blonde hair though so that's pretty much the only place I can get it, I'd love to have it all over my body, LOL.

  2. awww, thanks for the positive "get well" vibes!! i need all i can get. im thinking about going for a short (3 mile-ish at most) test trail run tomorrow am at crowders....wanna go with?

  3. It does suck when our run buddies get injured. Get well soon, friend. ;)

  4. yippeee for laser hair removal. I'm a fan myself