Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Day!

This morning I went out for what I hoped to be a 12 mile run on one of my favorite trails. I got there by 9am with the intent on getting my run in before the rain/snow started in the afternoon. Even though it was a cold overcast day I saw several trail runners and lots of hikers out on the trail.

About 5 miles into my out and back adventure, as I was making my way up the final ascent to the top of the mountain before the pinnacle, I heard precipitation. What? It's not supposed to rain until later. Wait, that's too loud for rain! That's sleet! Time to put my windbreaker/rain jacket back on. When I got to my usual turn around I considered going down the other side of the mountain for an even 6 before turning around but decided with the sleet it was best to turn around at 5.5 miles. By 5.75 miles it was snowing!

It was so beautiful and unexpected. Big fluffy flakes mixed with sleet. I was really wishing for a visor at that point since I kept getting sleet in my eyes. I enjoyed my run back. Around 7 or 8 miles I was grinning from ear to ear. What fun! Most everyone I passed was loving the conditions. Well, except one hiker, but she seemed a naturally grumpy sort anyway. I'll admit by mile 10 I was over the slush because it made for terrible traction on top of the leaves going up hill, like spinning wheels. Had I known there would be slush I would have worn my La Sportiva Crosslites with the big lugs. I made it 11 miles and decided it was time to call it a day.

Thank goodness I brought my camera. What a great day for photos on the trail!

After the run, deflated pigtails and raw nose from wiping it constantly for 11 miles.


  1. Great pix! I'm hoping to hit the trails tomorrow and am trying to figure out what will still be open despite the muddy muck!

  2. Most hiking trails will be open. It's only the mountain biking trails that close when wet.

  3. I am not a fan of the cold but that actually sounds lovely! You look cute too :)

  4. brrrr!!! looks like the trail is a little more visible than when we ran it at thanksgiving. i love those little rock piles, have they always been there? i dont remember them being there this summer.

  5. The weight of the sleet actually made it easier to see the rocks and roots under the leaves. Before the snow/sleet started it was very hard to see them.

    The rock piles are randomly done by hikers. It's a hiker thing, kind of like an "I Wuz Here" nature graffiti. Each time I go on Ridgeline I see new piles or old ones that have been destroyed.

  6. That is just awesome! Love the pictures! Have a great week!