Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Versatile Blogger x2

So I've been awarded the Versatile blogger award twice now in two weeks. I was procrastinating about it after the first one because I just didn't know what 7 things I was going to say about myself. Now that I've been given the award twice I'm just going to have to wing it and write the first 7 things that come to mind that hopefully won't bore you to tears. So here goes.

1. I hate to be late and tend to be habitually early to everything. Back when I had a job outside the home I was usually at work 5 mins early, sometimes more.

2. My hairstyle and color are constantly changing. It's rare for me to keep the same style with the same color for more than a month. Right now it's pink, blonde, black, and a tad purple. My hair has never been longer than my shoulders and the top of my shoulders was only twice, to me long is anything that goes past my chin.

3. I prefer to drink water, always have. I rarely drink sodas or juices, if I do it's only when we go out to eat.

4. I started riding horses when I was about 8. I was a serious competitor for a long time, I'm not good at being a hobby rider. I trained and worked for several Olympic riders. Every time I gave up my "real job" to do horses full time I ended up burnt out within two years, really takes the fun out of it when you have to do it. I lost most of my nerve after having my son in 2008 and officially retired from horses at the ripe old age of 37.

5. I met my husband at a dog park.

6. I have 6 tattoos and my nostril pierced.

7. I'm a morning person 100%. I can get so much done before noon but don't expect much after then. By the time the sun goes down I'm useless. I've always loved to get up and run or ride my horse first thing in the morning no matter the temps. I know if I wait too late I'll lose my motivation so I'd rather deal with cold temps than the disappointment of not getting out there.

I think most of my fellow bloggers have gotten this award by now and honestly it's past noon so I've just not got the motivation to tag 15 of my favorite bloggers.

Have a happy hump day everyone!


  1. I love that your hair is all those colors. I have had pink for the last two month and now it's red. If the upkeep wasn't so much and so costly, I would always have fun colors in it.

    I also have tattoos and piercings ... it's my wild side!

  2. Me too! My hair is just a natural hot mess right now but I have had my nose peirced for 18 years now! Dang that makes me feel old....I don't like my tattoos and wish I could have a do over.
    I am now a morning person. Been working on it for a while and loving it!

    I grew up on a Peruvian Paso horse ranch that my dad ran until I was about 8 and then we moved to Kansas and he ran an Arabian and Saddle bred ranch until I was 17. I miss horses!
    Good list!

  3. hmmm, i can only think of 3 of your tats.....where are you hiding your other ones???

  4. you are funny, too lazy to tag people. And those were 7 great things! I too drink only water, but am getting bored with it lately...and COOOOOL that you rode horses. I think that is so neat!

  5. Lazy blogger, that's me! LOL Maybe during the spawn's nap time tomorrow I'll get the motivation to sort through my blogs and tag people. I'm sure if I check my Magic 8 Ball it will probably tell me,"don't count on it."

  6. I am totally your #1 and I wish I could be your # 3:) I love these kinds of posts...I really like getting to know people better and I am a sucker for randomness! Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm completely the opposite. I have to WORK at staying out of a rut. Same hair, same clothes for decades. Really. I have clothes from 10 years ago. My teenage daughter is helping me out though.

    But I am a morning person. If I can start early, I'm very efficient. By afternoon, I don't want to do much.

    And I've been stepped on by a horse and fallen off one several times trying to learn how to jump. I'm definitely not a natural. LoL