Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Patience is the key to happiness

I'm pretty sure I've gotten that fortune in many a fortune cookie. When you have lofty goals swirling around your head it is so difficult to bide by that rule.

I've been reading the blogs of female ultra runners lately. They inspire me so much. I'm just itching to get to a point where I can run for long distances again. I have to say the discovery of my love for trail running has eased some of my impatience to get to longer distances, but it also fuels it some when I read about other women that are serious trail runners. Right now my long run is 5 miles, a far cry from an ultra distance. I know with time and patience I can get up to at least marathon distance. At that point I should know if I'm hardcore enough to go longer distances. I've just got to get my mind to calm down and be content with the next step and not keep skipping ahead to things that aren't feasible for at least another year.

One big reason I need to stay patient is because I constantly battle tightness in my IT Band (iliotibial band for those not familiar with running woes). I've been instructed by my Sports Med Dr. to increase my mileage by just 5-8% a week as opposed to the normal of 10% a week. I've decided to stick to 5% increases for now. At first that meant tiny increases of 0.2 miles some weeks. I'm finally to a point where I can increase by 0.5 miles a week and soon I'll be able to increase by 0.75 miles a week. It is slow but at least it is progress. I'm even proud of myself for having a self chosen step back week last week to allow my body some rest. This week I'm going to repeat my mileage from two weeks ago and start adding again next week.

So I need to take my new mantra and plaster it around my home to remind me of my ultimate goal. If I follow my eagerness and try to do too much too soon I'll be right back where I started. My brain needs to keep my ego in check so I can fulfill my crazy dreams.

Happiness here I come!


  1. trail racing rules.
    be careful building up your mileage

  2. Thanks Chris, I'm definitely making sure to take my time building base mileage. I can't wait for my next trail race, truly more fun than road races!