Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Qucik Update and More Vacation Photos

I've been back to running for over a week now. I'm taking it slow, literally. I've decided this comeback would be the perfect time to finally get to running barefoot and in my Vibrams full time during my road runs. I've also decided to do low heart rate training. There are sooooo many LHR training methods out there! I decided to go with the one that I know some other ladies, that are plagued by injuries as well, are following. So, I'm following the Maffetone Method, many times referred to as MAF (maximum aerobic function). The pace is quite slow for me, about a 13:00 min mile, but it's the pace I need to safely ease into barefoot/minimal running anyway. I won't bore you with details since it bores me but you basically don't go out of your MAF zone until you've built up your base if ever. Many people swear by it and others try it and abandon it pretty quickly due to the frustration of having to go so slow. I'm hoping to stick with it and have it pay off. Hopefully after a good month I might break 13:00 min mile. I'm up to 2.25 miles in my VFF with the last half mile of my runs being barefoot.

I'm also going to see a sports chiropractor in hopes that getting my lower back worked out will straighten my imbalances out. I had many accidents back in my equestrian days but I had one that left the right side of my lower back pretty messed up. Since 1997 I've rarely had a day where I didn't feel some level of pain in my lower back. I had a few adjustments in 2000 that helped a lot but didn't take care of it completely. After one adjustment and a tiny bit of ART my back feels better. I can feel that I have a bit more  movement in that area but it still feels really tight compared to my left side, which makes my whole right side seems stiff when I run. I have my second appointment tomorrow and hope to be feel even better. I will probably be doing a total of 4-5 sessions.

Now on to some more vacation photos! From our trip to the Quinault Rain Forest in Washington. It lived up to it's name and rained on us. Not a nice drizzly rain like we all envision the PNW usually gets, this was a good soaking rain. Even with the rain it was beautiful but the rain did dampen our spirits after awhile and after a few short hikes we did the rest of the Quinault Rain Forest loop drive in the car.
First small hike, still fairly dry.

The world's largest known Sitka Spruce Tree. You can't tell from the picture but I am soaked to the bone.

Waterfall seen from the comfort of the car.

We actually enjoyed the dreariness of the day. It would have been better if we had proper rain gear though.

Beautiful view of the base of the surrounding mountains. I wish I could see this kind of beauty every day.

I hope everyone is having a nice start to fall! Stay tuned for more pictures, next time: Astoria, Oregon.


  1. Hope you can get some relief for your back. Lots of respect for you. Most people won't think about running after they had back injuries. Stunning photos! I love trees!

  2. Sounds like fun :)


  3. It looks like a great place. Vacations are always welcome and some times you have to take some time from running to get back stronger.

  4. Hi Ashley! Wasn't sure how to contact you so, thought I'd try here. I'm working on a book and wondered if you'd mind me including your apple potato recipe? If you agree, can you send me your full name to include in the credits? Thanks!! Thad "RunnerDude"